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     Ten years ago, while in the grocery store with her son, then only two, Janas met a woman who taught yoga to kids and adults.  When her son was three, she signed him up for Yoga for Kids.

She did the same with her daughter when she was old enough. Her daughter, now 8, still takes yoga weekly.  Janas also began practicing yoga for exercise.  As it turns out, it does a lot more than make you physically fit.


     Janas wanted to provide her students with the benefits of yoga in her classroom. Last summer, through Yoga Ed, she became certified in yoga K-8.  She has a weekly yoga club for students and incorporates many of the stress reduction strategies she has learned through her own yoga practice and her Yoga Ed training. She is also piloting a test stress reduction group at her school with 6th and 7th grade students.


Soaring Eagle Yoga, owned by Jill Rapperport, is where Janas received her Yoga Ed certification.  Jill is located in Miami, Florida.  


The Yoga Ed website has an instructor locator if you are living elsewehere and are interested in Yoga Ed certification. There is also information about the training and the curriculum.





ON MEDITATION promo featuring Giancarlo Esposito from Snapdragon Films on Vimeo.

This video is a beautiful piece that, with great clarity, explains what meditiation does for the mind.  It shouldn't be missed.  On Vemio there is a trailer that shares others stories as well.  I have my students meditate, watch their breath,  at the beginning of very class for 2 minutes.  

The ASK AMY video explains the importance on being quiet and still.  I love the Ask Amy videos.  You can subscribe to her channel on Youtube.