Ideas and Resources

As we phase out Florida's Sunshine State Standards and phase in the Language Arts Florida Standards, teachers are on the lookout for quality materials and ideas.


I recommend The New York Times Learning Network Blog. The web address is


It contains lesson plans, nonfiction articles with writing suggestions and much more.  It even contains a weeky VTS image.


My co-teaching partners and I maintain a blog for our students,  Our reading lists as well as an assortment of assignments can be found there.


Our fourth quarter plan allows students to select four books from an extensive list—that continues to grow as fast as the team can read. Students keep a compostion book that contains all assignments in the Personal Reading Plan. The students read about one thousand pages of text and choose from a variety of assignments. 


Below are an assortment of student responses to various parts of the PRP which begins with a Reader Profile.

Sample Student Reader's Profile
Sample PRP Cover Art Includes a symbol and adjectives that represent the student
Letter to Tim Federle Re: Nate
page two of letter to Tim Federle
Sample Student Reader's Profile
Who's Cellphone is it? The One and only Ivan